How to transfor your app with themer App

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The Themer App Enables You To Radically Change The Look Of Your Smartphone Most Android users will already be very familiar with launchers. These apps replace the home screen and app drawer on your phone and present the simplest way of customizing a device or of removing (or at least hiding) a manufacturer’s custom skin. A brand new launcher, Themer, takes the customization angle to its logical, and beautiful, extreme. Themer comes packed with stylish home screen replacements that transform the look of a phone into any number of styles.

Themer removes much of Android’s widget support, but provides the key services such as weather, image galleries and RSS feeds. At the time of writing, Themer was still in beta, and you need to sign up at for a registration code. It will, in due course, be released for free in the Play store.

Customize Your Themer Experience :
There are many settings that you can adjust to tailor your theme to best suit how you use your phone. Here’s our guide to the key settings…

>Browse Themes

Swipe the sidebar open and select Browse Themes to view the latest and most popular themes in the app. Tap one for a preview, and swipe left and right to see all its panes. Hit Apply to make it your home screen.


Back in the sidebar, choose Settings>Themer. Here you can choose your default apps for web, gallery, weather and so on, as well as picking RSS feeds (including being able to import feeds directly from Feedly).

Get Advanced

Under Advanced Settings you can take greater control over your theme, including selecting the number of home screen panels and whether to show the dock. Be aware that the effect can differ between themes.


Status Bar

 status bar is hidden on many themes, but a swipe downwards will reveal it. Another swipe will then open the notification shade just as it does on any Android device. A swipe upwards will hide the status bar again.

Add Panels:

Long press on the home screen and you can add extra panels. They won’t match the theme on the other panels, but can be used to install important widgets. To add a widget go to the app drawer, select Widgets and drag them in as normal.

Find A Theme :

Themer’s themes are radically different to your stock Android experience, or indeed any other phone. You will need to take your time to experiment with several in order to find one you are happy with.

Crucial Info

All themes include the core elements that most users will need. This includes weather information and music controls. Third-party apps, such as Spotify, are supported. Some themes also include RSS feeds with regularly updated news headlines.

Gesture Friendly

Themer fully supports a range of customisable gestures. Go to Settings>Themer and you can set up controls for one and two-finger swipes, plus a handy double-tap gesture. These are excellent options for power users in particular.

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Top 5 MoTo Z Features & Specs - ALLBLOGTIPS

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Now a days flagship devices-the moto Z and moto Z Force -I was only milady interested. thats not because I dont like the idea of modular phones,but i had been burned by the middling LG G5 ,first device to try to seriously try to make modularity a thing.As cool as it sounded on paper,the implementation was sloppy,and far from seamless.only techies would really get something out of it, and even then changing the few modules available was an awkward process.but after being able to get some hands on time with the moto Z and moto Z FORCE. if they the few modules available was an awkward process.

But after being able to get some hands on time with the moto z and moto z force .if they hold up over time yhey could be the prototype of modularitiy for the masses.

Moto z has fairly standard flagship specs :

.snaodragon 820 cpu,aderno 530 gpu
.4GB of RAM
.32GB/64GB of storage expandable via micro SD
.5.5 INCH qhd amoled SCREEN
.water-repellent coating
.fingerprint reader
.Always on mic via moto voice
.13 MP F1.8 Camera with OIS phase detection and assisted autofocus
.2,600 MAH battery

.quick charge 

But there are some differnces. the moto z force bumps up the camera to 21 mp and deep - trench isolation for improved light capture.the battery is boosted to a hefty 3,500 mah and the screen gets upgraded to motorolas seriously impressive shatterproof technology your compromise is a few millimeters of thickness.

Lets get the worst thing out of the way;this phone doesnt have a headphone jack and that will be annoying.motorola doesnt have quite the clout to shift the industry towards wireless and USB-C headphones on its own.that a side the moto z is quite the attractive phone.the thin removable style shells help turn the busy back into something sleeker and make the camera sit flush with the body.speaking of the shells, they are held strongly by the magnet system one of the style shells i tried did have the tiniest bit of wobble.if you pressed from the side which could irk the more persnickety folks but for the most part it feels like one solid piece of hardware.a side from the style shells,most modules have a small lip that make the shells easier to remove.up on the front you have the square fingerprint sensor with in the unfortunately large bottom bezel.i really wish motorola had gone the capacitive button route rather than stealing real estate from the bottom of the screen.the standard moto z is ridiculosly thin phone in the world even with a style shell applied its thinner than my HTC10 but then it only has a 2,600 MAH battery. make the phone thicker but they are much more elegant solution than tarditional battery cases especially once more designs are avaliable on the thinner moto z the size is totally manageable.


smartphones cant offer on their could of course just buy a bluetooth speaker but having it right on the phone adds a layer of convenience.they certainlly make the phone a lot thicker but still small enough that i would only need to pack my phone in pocket if hosting a party going out to a barbeque or something of the having the extra 1,000 mah is handy if you need it as a battery pack in a personal favourite mod is gaudilly named insta-share projector which seems perfect for outdoor movie nights camping or just watching video on your ceiling.At 50 lumens and 480p resolution dont expect it to be quite cinema-quality but it should suffice for casual movie watching at night.thers no autofocus but i prefer the automatic correction for keystonig anyway,which comes in handy given the integrated kickstand.


 this devices make strong first impression but we have to give it a full rundown to see if its worth your particular motorolas claim of 30 hours mixed use from the puny 2,600 mah battery thinner moto z seems highly suspect.and dont get me started on the headphone jack,which has no reason to be missing from the thicker z force.maybe just maybe modular phones makes sense stay tuned for our full review soon. 

Pokemon Go For Windows PC 7/8/10

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Pokemon Go which is rising to fame ,making noises all over the app store, Pokemon Go For Windows PC. 

Pokemon Go is a trending a topic all over social media today. Last decade it took entire world to a different dimension of possibilities , now they come back with this android game which is not only entertaining the kids , this app is also being used by adults.
Pokemon Go For Windows PC 7/8/10

After all Pokemon franchise has been around more than a decade. But this time they have a good entry inn to the market with an innovative idea of catching pokemon all by ourselves.

Then How To Download Pokemon Go For Windows PC 7/8/10

Before we through then process , you have install a software called bluestacks which you can download from search engine. 
Bluestacks is a emulator , allows you to access android app from your PC. This is the most easy to understand and control on regular basics.

Find out : How to Download Pokemon Go for Android Tablet & iPad.
It has few requirement which must meet before you can install ,2GB of RAM and Good graphics adapter/card. 
  • Download bluestacks,
  • Run and install.
  • Once installation done.
  • Search for Pokemon Go.
  • Install the game , you done.
Sometimes , in few cases you might experience failure, if that happens retry again. Try to install it more than twice. You can get following error which can be resolved by updating your graphic driver. So go now and download your favorite game and enjoy.
Wrap up :
Now that you know how to install Pokemon Go For Windows PC 7/8/10, now enjoy your game on your PC.
It works on all version of windows based pc. You can it view and use it like you are on android devices. Bluestacks has been one of the best android emulators standing on top.
If you have any suggestions, doubts to clear be sure to comment down below.

Top 5 Online Backlink Checking Tools

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Backlink checker tools : Several things have changed has over time in the world of digital. Online world has been evolving so as search engines.
One thing which has remained unchanged it is " How many quality + relevant to niche or post has " , definitely one of contributing factors of ranking in search engine's.
Backlink checker tools : Several things have changed has over time in the world of digital. Online world has been evolving so as search engines.

Let me make this clear, How to check the competitors backlinks , who are known for thrit quality ,which they maintain. Here are some of the Online free Backlink Checker Tools for 2016.

Free Backlink Checker Tools

-> No 1 which hits the spot on backlink checker tools is Rank Signals. This website works flawlessly by signing up a free account you will be able to access full version and do your re-search to make things for you and your niche blog.
  • Helps you find what backlinks are pointing at a particular website.
  • How many external links does it have.
  • Tell you the page rank of the website.
  • You can find out if the link is Dofollow or external Nofollow.
-> Up next is what i use for checking backlinks of my blog and my competitors to clear my doubts and get more close to being a pro.
You must have heard about Openlinkprofiler in the list of free Backlink Checker Tools. It has plenty of features that can help you find the best quality links, then later add them to you link building strategy. Lets look at what options it has.
  • You can find dofollow and nofollow links separately.
  • You can find a option called " LIS" Which helps you understand backlink quality in percentage. It not necessary that backlink is not good for your blog/website, but make sure to check it twice.
  • You can download 1k backlinks in the CSV file format.
  • You can find links pointing at single page/post.
I suggest you to use this tool wisely ,because they have limited the usage of the tool due to automated queries by bots. But you can come back and try again. To avoid uninterrupted analysis just sign up for free.
-> SEMrush is a professional paid tool used by thousands of  pro bloggers,marketers, analyst etc. It comes with all pro features which helps you in depths research of a keyword, domain and many more.
Even though it's a paid tool, As of now they are allowing for their new users to get access to pro version for a day in exchange for your mobile number. which is massive.
How to sign up for pro version for a day:
  • Sign up
  • Use SEMrush till you reach limit
  • A window Pops up and ask you to enter your name and mobile no.
  • Then you can access pro version for  a day.
-> Alexa is a tool which everyone knows about, It gives you accurate results on how much traffic a website is driving in a day, what kind of links the site is pointing. Which keyword the site is ranking for. Mostly it gives us accurate results but at a certain limit.
You can still access alexa by subscribing to trail version, go to alexa check out trail version where it  doesn't charge you a penny.
  • Backlinks,
  • Site audit,
  • Keyword research,
  • Traffic by countries,
  • Domain vs domain.
-> I have always heard of this tool called link diagnosis actually it never made any sense, i thought you can try because it sometimes work. Though the results are not accurate not accurate. You can try this free tools when in confusion.
Wrap :
Here were some of the best Backlink Checker Tools you can try for your research. Think we have missed any free tool? Then let us know via comment.

Top 5 PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 | 8.1 | 10

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PDF reader is another format of file to save and view documents. PDF is a reliable file and considered as best ebook option. Today i will list Top 5 free PDF reader for Windows Pc. I have tested all of the software on my pc for consistency. 

To make sure to give you the best free PDF reader among all of the other PDF readers out there. I will solve the confusion of those who think adobe is the only option as PDF reader, while there are many rich featured PDF are out there.

Foxit Reader

PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 8 10 foxir reader
Foxit Reader is definitely the one , you look forward for as it is extremely fast at opening files and very delightful interface. The application is optimized for those who seek for least load on their system. Since it come as a free-ware it does lacks in certain areas, Despite of minor disadvantages you can run almost anything smoothly with foxit reader but nevertheless you can expect all of your work related task can be fulfilled with foxit reader.
  • It is a free-ware.
  • Very decent UI.
  • Well optimized.
  • supported features like highlights, annotate & other PDF-editing options.
CONS : Look out during installation, it will try to install a toolbar and try to change your default homepage.

Nitro PDF Reader

PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 8 10 Nitro PDF Reader
Nitro PDF Reader has few excellent features is a wise choice in terms of for those who are in to both PDF viewing to creating a new one. After installtion you will notice  it has a decent look with fabulous interface. Just as i mentioned it has few excellent features for those who are in to creating a new PDF document for their project or presentations, It has digital signing , form filling and all other features you are looking for. How to get download it ? Just fill up the blank as shown in the image above.
  • It is a free-ware
  • It has sharing option to over cloud.
  • Drag drop files.
  • create new PDF files as per your requirement.
  • Cool interface.
  • Specially made for Windows users.

Adobe Reader for Windows

PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 8 10 Adobe PDF Reader
Adobe reader is considered as primary PDF reader for windows platforms today. It has reached millions windows users with its excellent features. Adobe reader comes in two variations of Paid and Free, you can choose your version based on your requirement. i do no think we need an introduction for adobe reader since it is famous for its performance.
  • Drag and Drop
  • It has free version.
  • Many excellent features like PDF viewer to printing.
  • Easily access PDF document. And is also supported by the mobile apps in Android and iOS.
Cons: To unlock advanced features you have to subscribe to premium version and modification of content, images and text in PDF documents is difficult.

Nuance PDF Reader

PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 8 10 Naunce PDF Reader
Naunce PDF reader is a windows based free PDF reader which has plenty of features and it consumes very less storage space. It has become popular because of its collaboration features like it has converting your PDF file in to any MS files like Excel, word to RTF,moving to its annotation tool is quite impressive. It has very good user interface and it is straight forward. It will take few minutes to understand its UI making it easier to play around with it. you will definitely notice many adobe reader features in Nuance PDF Reader.
  • It is a free-ware.
  • It has straight forward User Interface.
  • It has many features for viewing to highlighting.
  • You can fill forms and save them.
  • It can convert.export files to MS-format files.

Cool PDF Reader

PDF Viewers for PC - WIndows 7 8 10 Cool PDF Reader
Cool PDF reader is a light weight software for quick viewing and editing the document later converting in to PDF.  It does fall short in features when compared to other major PDF readers like Adobe, foxit etc. This PDF reader is good for those who use PDF occasionally. If you are using PDF occasionally this is great for you as it supports all basic features like viewing to read a PDF document.
  • It is a free-ware.
  • It has all basic features.
  • Consumes less hard disk space.
  • It is light weight.
  • Opens files very quickly.
Cons: Some of the PDF lose the file quality when they are converted. Opens up many pop ups with other PDF products that needs purchasing to be used.

Wrap Up :

PDF readers has grown to be the best for presentations and reading. Today i have listed the best alternative PDF readers for windows based pc. Before it went on to the list, i have tested all of the PDF Readers on windows, so you can download as per your needs. Most of them are 30 day free trail softwares so choose carefully. What do you think of our short listed PDF Readers ? Share your opinions in comment section ..

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Prices And features india

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Hello guys now i  am talking about the samsung gear fit 2, the company new activity-tracking wristband.samsungs first try at this kind of smart band.which shipped in 2014,launched with flaws,only worked with samsungs galaxy phones and initially only tracked a few activities - and it cost$200.the new $180 gearfit 2 wristband works with all phones running newer versions of android,has built in GPS,and tracks aboatload of fitness activites -so many that i couldnt try even though i have been wearing it for three weeks.this is not your basic step counter.

Since the first thing you all notice will be its display lets cover that first.the gear fit 2 has a 1.5-inch super AMOLEDed touch screen. this display with its black background and punchy colors,is glossy,rich,and has a slight curve to it,like the first gear fit,but lacks the weird bezel of its predecessor.


samsung has opted to display all of the data vertically on the band,which means you dont have to twist your wrist to read things like notifications. there only one bad thing i have to say about the display ;it is difficult to see outdoors,even with brightness set to yhe highest level.for some people this is not a deal breaker,but for me it is.when i am cycling in traffic,the last thing i want is to have to strain to see the info on my wrist.when i am running outdoors,i am usually eyeing the minutes until i am done with the damn run. wearable with transflective or monochrome LCD displays are a better option in these cases.but again -those trade offs. large display also means the gear fit 2 is one would describe it as delicate and it doesn't fit the narrative thread of wearable maker creates something it looks like jewelry. that fine,but just know that its going to look like a clunky fitness wearable.


samsung has also tried to display the data in an intresting way on he band itself,so you dont have to open the mobile app for everything.for example there a 24-hour timeline view of all of your activity,which reminds me a little bit of the moves app that was acquired by facebook to years ago.if you are doing outdoor sports that utilize GPS you can see a map of your workout right on the wristband.

has also tried to display the data in an intresting way on he band itself,so you dont have to open the mobile app for everything.for example  a 24-hour timeline view of all of your activity,which reminds me a little bit of the moves app that was acquired by Facebook to years ago.if you are doing outdoor sports that utilize GPS you can see a map of your workout right on the wristband.

i have worn the gear fit2 to bed most nights over the past few weeks,and generally felt like it was a little too generous.93% sleep efficenacy the band would show me almost like it was proud, after a shitty nights sleep.heart rate tracking was much stable workout enviornments,like when i was on aspin bike, the heart rate reading on the wristband often matched the reading i was getting from a chest strap or was only a couple beats per minute.even during less stable activites like running, there was little to no latency in displaying my heart rate when i raised my wrist,and it showed my heart rate in zones.

ALL of the settings for these notifications are handled by a samsung mobile app, and thats where things get a little confusing.theres the gear manager app,which determines settings not only for the gear fit 2 but all of samsungs gears smartwatches.within the directly with S health or have open APIs that samsung taps into.despite that the gear fit 2 has worked its way into my life over the past few weeks,and in a positive way.the only reasons why i would not call it best-in-class are the inconsistent battery life, its barely -visible display outdoors,and the fact that it only works with android phones,unlike,say,a fitbit or garmin or microsoft band2.but if those things are not deal-breakers for you,then the gear fit 2 is a strong choice.

Top 5 FTP Clients for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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If you google you will find plenty of Free FTP Client, thats when confusion occurs so We have compiled the list of best FTP Client for Windows so we can deliver most appropriate , secure, reliable and easy to use FTP Client for your business or projects. Now managing files is made easier with FTP Clients , even if you are updating, downloading, uploading or modifying files in host server.  File Transfer Protocol clients (FTP) saves your time and data usage. 

Lets jump in to the list of best FTP Clients for Windows.


FTP client for windows FIREFTP
You might find it a little difficult to digest but i personally use FireFTP as my primary FTP Client, To be more precise ,it is not an software rather it is a Mozilla firefox add-on. The reason why it is on first is that it consumes space very less compared to any FTP Client. It works as charm for those PC ,whose configuration is low. Moving to user experience it is flawless ,you end up using regularly for managing files. Incase you want to perform another task you can just add new tab instead of new window. It offers many protocols such as SFTP,IPv6 . It also supports drag and drop features so you can avoid adding files manually. File compressing, Proxy, synchronization is available .
  • It is a free Firefox Plugn.
  • It supports Windows, Mac and Linux as well.
  • Supports over 20 languages.
  • Supported protocols like  SFTP,IPv6 and FTP.
  • Drag and drop is enabled.
  • It is free and secure to use.
  • User interface is clean and easy to understand.
  • Features like File compressing,FXP support etc.


FTP Clients for Windows Fire Zilla
Filezilla is the most famous free FTP Clients for all Windows versions out there. Filezilla is widely used evben by professional because of its easy to use FTP Client for Windows. Thanks to the developers FTP client has several features which rivals all FTP Clients our there. Filezilla supports several protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS  and support for IPv6 as well. It works flawless with awesome performance and it does not consume much of your hard disk which will free some load on your system. You can upload files by dragging the file and dropping in to it. You can download, upload and resume files at your will which is good for larger files.
  • It is a free-ware.
  • It offers many protocols.
  • It works flawless even on lower configuration system.
  • Doesn't consume much space.
  • User interface is very easy to understand
  • Drag and drop, Resuming and many more.


FTP Clients for Windows Cyber Duck
When you look at the user interface , since there are too many things on it, it might seen a little difficult to handle but truth is exact opposite, Cyberduck is not only a famous professional FTP Client , it is also easy to use FTP Client. Cyberduck oiffers several protocols such as  FTP, Amazon S3, SFTP, WebDAV and OpenStack. Cyberduck has plenty of features which attracts newbie and professional designers and developers. Moving to user interface , which is very graphical. Coming to performance it is pretty good , it perform task very smoothly.
  • It is a free-ware.
  • UI is very graphical.
  • Supports several protocols.
  • It has features like transfer section, sync, editor etc.
  • Very smooth performance.


FTP Clients for Windows WinScp
WinSCP is a alternative FTP Client which comes with awesome features which makes your work related task easy. WinSCP supports FTP, SFTP, SSH and WebDAV and it specially made for Windows. It has packed with plently of features like Text-editing , drag drop, downloading and uploading and file transfer, secure to use. Moving to interface, it has very familiar Windows interface so it won't take to get along with WinSCP
  • It is free-ware.
  • Supports protocols like FTP, SFTP, SSH and WebDAV.
  • Typical Windows UI.
  • It has many features like Text editing capabilities etc.
  • Developer oriented tools.
  • Works smooth on older hardware.
Wrap Up 
Finding a free FTP Client and using it to make quick changes on your project is wise. What i reviewed above are tested in real time for performance and stability for our readers. You can go and download it without any hesitation. 

All of them works as charm but make sure download it from our links or you can download them from Official website to avoid broken downloads and malware, adware's. If i have missed trying any FTP Client on or have any doubts to clarify be sure to comment below.