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Top 5 Online Backlink Checking Tools

Backlink checker tools : Several things have changed has over time in the world of digital. Online world has been evolving so as search engines.
One thing which has remained unchanged it is " How many quality + relevant to niche or post has " , definitely one of contributing factors of ranking in search engine's.
Backlink checker tools : Several things have changed has over time in the world of digital. Online world has been evolving so as search engines.

Let me make this clear, How to check the competitors backlinks , who are known for thrit quality ,which they maintain. Here are some of the Online free Backlink Checker Tools for 2016.

Free Backlink Checker Tools

-> No 1 which hits the spot on backlink checker tools is Rank Signals. This website works flawlessly by signing up a free account you will be able to access full version and do your re-search to make things for you and your niche blog.
  • Helps you find what backlinks are pointing at a particular website.
  • How many external links does it have.
  • Tell you the page rank of the website.
  • You can find out if the link is Dofollow or external Nofollow.
-> Up next is what i use for checking backlinks of my blog and my competitors to clear my doubts and get more close to being a pro.
You must have heard about Openlinkprofiler in the list of free Backlink Checker Tools. It has plenty of features that can help you find the best quality links, then later add them to you link building strategy. Lets look at what options it has.
  • You can find dofollow and nofollow links separately.
  • You can find a option called " LIS" Which helps you understand backlink quality in percentage. It not necessary that backlink is not good for your blog/website, but make sure to check it twice.
  • You can download 1k backlinks in the CSV file format.
  • You can find links pointing at single page/post.
I suggest you to use this tool wisely ,because they have limited the usage of the tool due to automated queries by bots. But you can come back and try again. To avoid uninterrupted analysis just sign up for free.
-> SEMrush is a professional paid tool used by thousands of  pro bloggers,marketers, analyst etc. It comes with all pro features which helps you in depths research of a keyword, domain and many more.
Even though it's a paid tool, As of now they are allowing for their new users to get access to pro version for a day in exchange for your mobile number. which is massive.
How to sign up for pro version for a day:
  • Sign up
  • Use SEMrush till you reach limit
  • A window Pops up and ask you to enter your name and mobile no.
  • Then you can access pro version for  a day.
-> Alexa is a tool which everyone knows about, It gives you accurate results on how much traffic a website is driving in a day, what kind of links the site is pointing. Which keyword the site is ranking for. Mostly it gives us accurate results but at a certain limit.
You can still access alexa by subscribing to trail version, go to alexa check out trail version where it  doesn't charge you a penny.
  • Backlinks,
  • Site audit,
  • Keyword research,
  • Traffic by countries,
  • Domain vs domain.
-> I have always heard of this tool called link diagnosis actually it never made any sense, i thought you can try because it sometimes work. Though the results are not accurate not accurate. You can try this free tools when in confusion.
Wrap :
Here were some of the best Backlink Checker Tools you can try for your research. Think we have missed any free tool? Then let us know via comment.
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